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Massachusetts Fire Escape Building Code

We are fire Atlantic Ironwork Restoration, LLC: Fire Escape Specialist. Our goal in our fire escape repairs is to provide safety one fire escape repair at a time and provide customers with cost efficient and time efficient fire escape repair projects. We provide all our fire escape repair services in all main cities in the northeast (Boston MA, Cambridge, Somerville, Medford and all greater Boston area) Our advanced Fire Escape Repair methods will bring your fire escape to the original built condition by re-bolting and hand painting and never welding on your fire escape. We are Licensed and Insured to perform any fire escape work required. Here is a list of our services: -Fire escape repairs. -Fire escape painting. -Fire escape refurbishment. -Fire escape Inspections (free estimates on all fire escapes). -Fire escape fabrication and installation. No Job is too big or too small and we service Residential and Commercial properties.

​ Give us a call today with any questions or to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on your fire escape repairs and painting or just email us with any questions that you may have. Our estimates are always free!

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